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Welcome to the Law Offices of Madeline M. Galadjian

Madeline M. Galadjian is an attorney in northern Los Angeles offering professional, personalized representation to clients who seek counsel for a variety of cases, including personal injury, family and divorce law, DUI cases and cases of criminal justice.

At the Law Offices of Madeline Galadjian, clients don’t get assigned junior associates or a panel of intimidating attorneys who attempt to manipulate the judicial system to satisfy their own self interests.

Instead, Ms. Galadjian handles every case herself with the client’s unique circumstances in mind. Admitted to practice in both state and federal courts, she uses her personal experience and expertise to assess each case, counsel each client and represent them using the best course of action within our legal system.

Ms. Galadjian has defended clients in cases involving DUI, divorce settlement, personal injury, and child custody. Her wealth of knowledge and education of contemporary law allows her to approach clients with exceptional counsel and offer a personal touch. She’ll succeed in meeting needs that are unique to each case, whether that entails vigorous, fair representation, a quick settlement out of court with the responsible party, or trial defense to win the client the justice they deserve.

If you require the assistance of a lawyer or law specialist for counsel regarding a current case or possible litigation in the greater Los Angeles area, contact the Law Offices of Madeline Galadjian now to schedule a free, one-on-one consultation.

I handle every case with my client's unique circumstances in mind.
Madeline M. Galadjian
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Dui Attorney

Have you been charged with driving while intoxicated or been in a car accident while under the influenced in Los Angeles? Madeline Galadjian, DUI Attorney, can help you fight the charge or negotiate a plea, depending on the circumstances, in order to achieve a minimal sentence and expunge the charges from your record.

Personal Injury

Are you the victim of a personal injury and seek punitive damages from an employee, business, or person, call up Madeline Galadjian Law Office. With plenty of experience, a personal injury lawyer will lay out potential courses of action, strategies, and scenarios to get you a fair settlement that allows you to return to your regular life.

Divorce & Family Law

Cases involving divorce and family law can get ugly, with both sides splitting hairs and taking the proceedings personally. Hiring a divorce lawyer or family law attorney in Los Angeles will help make the process easier and more professional. Ms. Galadjian will work diligently to achieve a peaceful and just resolution.

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A member of the State Bar of California, Los Angeles County Bar Association and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Madeline has litigated extensively including civil cases of medical malpractice, wrongful death, landlord/tenant, wage and hour, and business litigation cases.